Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Made It # 5 (for me)

I am in awe of all the amazing products made by fellow bloggers. My shopping cart and wish list keeps growing... Thank goodness for the back-to-school sale, so I can stock up and not spend a fortune. Make sure to check out TPT through tonight (August 13th) for up to 28% off awesome products.

Now on to crafting for the classroom! My downstairs was covered with projects this weekend, and yet I feel like I did not get much done. I'm still waiting for spray paint to dry and the laminating/cutting fairy to show up. Here are two quick projects that did get finished for Tara's Monday Made It Linky Party:
Classroom Project #1: Rainbow Sight Word Flashcards
Each month my students will receive a new set of sight words to master. I decided to give each month a different color in order to help us build our Sight Word Rainbow. I created a master set of flashcards for each month with the corresponding colors. In order to keep the cards organized, I punched a hole in each card and used a binder ring for each month.

Classroom Project #2: Good Listener Poster Set
I love this listening poster set made by Christie @ First Grade Fever (which was a freebie!!!). Four simple steps- print, mount, laminate, attach to ribbon. I'm excited to find a place to hang it near my gathering area.

I appreciate all the sweet comments each week! Thank you so much for stopping by!

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  1. Love the poster. I need to get one.

  2. Great idea with the flash cards and I love the poster. I am your newest follower. Stop by and follow me back!

    1. Thanks for checking out my blog and following me! I will make sure to stop by your blog!

  3. Love your word cards! I would love to have you enter my giveaway. You could win a laminator!

  4. When the laminating fairy is finished at your place - could you send her down to me!
    I am a new follower.

    rubber boots and elf shoes

    1. I wish I could share... too bad the fairy never showed up :( Thanks for stopping by!